Combat missions are remarkable. They are among the highest form of achievement. It is simply amazing to be able to go anywhere in the world, work under adverse situations and changing environments to apply skills and abilities, function physically, focus mentally, while creating a mission plan to accomplish a particular objective and then to take action, adapt and overcome, and ultimately take the target.

HVT’s (High Value Targets) are not easily taken. Not any Joe off the street can accept a mission to go into combat and successfully overtake a HVT. It requires much more than will power and courage. It requires specialized mindset, specialized skills, training, conditioning, strategic planning, and precision execution. It requires a person with unwaivering commitment and discipline to not quit when times get tough and bullets start flying. It requires someone special who is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get the job done. It requires an Ultra High Achiever.

Ultra High Achievers are a rare breed. Ultra High Achievers have to be challenged. After shooting 1,000 yards they will never be satisfied with 100 yard targets again. After a PT score of 300 they’ll never be satisfied with a score of 250. They like to push the limits. They get used to achieving big things on a regular basis. Winning becomes addicting. Getting the job done becomes a daily standard.

You are an Ultra High Achiever. You are wired for high achievement and you will not be satisfied in life until you fill the gaps in the civilian world. It’s like having an itch that needs to be scratched. Nothing short of AWESOME achievements will make you happy, fulfilled or satisfied. Everything else will seem like it doesn’t matter…. because to you it doesn’t.

The military breeds Ultra High Achievers and teaches them the skills they need to succeed at taking the biggest targets in the world. I’m not talking about your MOS related skills like shooting, clearing a room or first responder medical aid. I’m talking about your hidden skills that help you be an Ultra High Achiever such as leadership, communication, planning, execution, discipline, etc. I’m talking about the skills you have that allow you to go out and accomplish big things. I’m talking about the skills necessary to get the job done.

The military gave you a gift of being an Ultra High Achiever. They helped you master the art of achievement and helped you master the skills necessary to accomplish big missions. They gave you the biggest playground in the world to learn, practice, hone and master your Ultra High Achiever skills. You already have these skills. They are SUPER VALUABLE. Don’t take them for granted. They cannot be taught in a classroom. They can only be learned through experience. They are your key to skipping to the front of the success line in the civilian world.

You were successful in combat with your Ultra High Achiever skills. The civilian world and theater of commerce is no different when it comes to success. At the end of the day, what matters is getting the job done (aka mission accomplishment). What matters is getting results. It’s what makes the world go around, period. You just have to know what you want, create a plan to get it, and then execute.

You should achieve MORE by using your skills after the military… NOT LESS! Your life after the military should be a promotion not demotion. You should be using your skills to be successful. You should be thriving and loving what you do and not struggling to fit in and survive and definitely not settling for LVT’s (low value targets). You should accomplish more, influence more, lead better, and organize better. You should not sit by while guys with less skills and experience run the civilian world around you. Your health, your bank account, your relationships should all be growing instead of getting lazy, fat and living paycheck to paycheck. After all you’ve done in the military, you should step up in life.

Don’t underestimate your ability to thrive in the civilian world. Your biggest challenge is probably going to be realizing how much more you really are capable of and seeing what’s possible for yourself. You have to be challenged or you’ll go nuts. LVT’s won’t cut it. You need to fully understand what you are capable of. You need to understand what’s possible. Pick a HVT (high value target) in your life that will challenge you and allow you to thrive by utilizing your Ultra High Achiever skills.

Hope that helps!

Nic Transtrum

ARE YOU STUCK?? You shouldn't be after all you did in the military!

  • Identify your next HVT (high value target)....
  • Use your military skills to make an impact...
  • So you can live the freedoms you served to protect!

About Nic Transtum

Nic is a husband, father with 6 girls "oh help us all", adventurer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, Veteran, Blackhawk Pilot- US Army.

Nic has been to war and back on battlefields in the Middle-East...AND he's been to war in life after the military.

The UGLY TRUTH is he struggled deeply for years until he identified his next HVT in life and applied what he learned on the battlefield to achieving personal & business success.

Now he is dedicated to showing other veterans how to win at the next level after the military without struggling like he did... so we can all live the freedoms we fought for!