004: Building Your Legacy AFTER The Military | Sam Deeds

In this episode

  • skydive / jumping into NASCAR, NFL, MLB, Airshows and TONS more
  • surviving 2 IED blasts & 42 surgeries
  • sharing your story to help others
  • behind the scenes as a board member on four veteran organizations
  • veteran adventures: go-kart racing, night bowfishing, gun competitions, music concerts, sky diving
  • veteran adventures: learning software skills that are in high demand in the business world
  • veteran adventures: Walleye fishing on Lake Erie
  • veteran adventures: fly fishing in Montana
  • building your legacy AFTER the military

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Sam Deeds

“My legacy is still going.  I may still be alive 40 years from now, and will I still be helping veterans??… You’re darn right I will be.”  – Sam Deeds



My guest on this episode is Sam Deeds. This hard charging marine understands what it means to never quit.  After 2 IED blasts and 42 surgeries, Sam continues to serve his fellow veterans.

Sam serves as a board member for 4 veteran organizations providing activities and opportunities for veterans to go on some big adventures including sky diving, fishing trips, shooting competitions and more.

Sam’s service for veterans often leads to invitations to big events like NASCAR races, NFL & MLB games, Airshows and more.  He was even invited to attend the inauguration for President Trump.

Perhaps most importantly, he continues to build his legacy in front of his kids.


Connect with Sam Deeds

  • Blue Skies For The Good Guys and Gals Warrior Foundation (Warrior Weekend To Remember)

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About Nic Transtum

Nic is a husband, father with 6 girls "oh help us all", adventurer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, Veteran, Blackhawk Pilot- US Army.

Nic has been to war and back on battlefields in the Middle-East...AND he's been to war in life after the military.

The UGLY TRUTH is he struggled deeply for years until he identified his next HVT in life and applied what he learned on the battlefield to achieving personal & business success.

Now he is dedicated to showing other veterans how to win at the next level after the military without struggling like he did... so we can all live the freedoms we fought for!